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Self-portrait contour drawing

TJ Taylor is a creative director and artist living in Austin, TX.

He is currently the head of design at, a start-up working on changing the lives of the entire restaurant community. Before that, he lead the traveler experience at HomeAway, a nifty site you may have booked a vacation rental through.

On Product Design - He believes that great products aren't made from armchairs or boardrooms. They're made through an agile process that’s fast-paced and collaborative, allowing you to ship products faster, learn from the market sooner, and react quicker.

On Painting - His process is a visceral one. It's an exploration of feeling that's then translated to the canvas. Abstract Expressionism made a profound impact on his life and he'd spend days staring at a De Kooning if he could.

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So, you wanna chat?

No fancy forms here. If you'd like to chat about a project, product design, abstract expressionism, art history, comic books, skateboard tricks, or my thoughts on the fight to end racism, you know what to do.

tj {at}
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